Located at Marylebone Cricket Club, London, Lord’s Cricket Ground is a world-renowned sports venue that is proudly maintained by some of the nation’s best contractors. And when it comes to the site’s signage, that job falls to Ashleigh.

Scaffolding on the Ashleigh cricket grounds

We engaged and coordinated with several subcontractors to fulfil MCC’s brief: removing an existing digital screen and installing a new, faceted one, complete with all necessary steelwork, cladding, electrics and networking. Our client also asked for us to install the largest screen possible so that content was crisp and clear when viewed from any angle of the ground, with the added need of following the stand’s curvature.

Lords Cricket Ground scoreboard in London

The new screen would be located next to the Pavillion Stand, where MCC club members sit; the pressure was on from the get-go to ensure that every single detail was precision perfect.

The end result was one gargantuan faceted screen, measuring twenty metres wide and six metres tall.

Ashleigh logo displayed on the Lord's cricket grounds

Despite its impressive appearance, the faceted nature made installation tricky, where existing steelwork needed to be adapted so it could project outward from the stand. This also gave us the added challenge of dealing with insanely tiny tolerances – only a millimetre’s grace when positioning each of the huge individual screen panels.

Each section of the screen gantry also needed to be craned into the site over the stand, which was a feat in itself. And don’t even get us started on the weather – heavy snow towards the end of the project really made this one to remember!

Ashleigh signage and partnership display signage

Ashleigh’s relationship with Lords has been ongoing since 2019, when we completed our first screen project with them at the Allen Stand. Following the Pavilion Stand project’s completion in May 2023, we’ve also had a hand in building portable digital totem signs, which can be picked up and dropped off wherever they’re needed throughout the cricket ground.

Having managed this project from start to finish, we’re proud of the work carried out by our team and subcontractors in delivering another big addition to MCC’s suite of signage.