Mecca Bingo Halo Signage in Blackpool

A refreshed brand identity, Mecca Bingo looked to Ashleigh for updates to their suite of signage. Improving their presence in each different location was high priority for this renowned entertainment company, with each site in need of a heavy duty facelift due to the more contemporary brand elements recently introduced.

The checklist included external deep-cleans across the board with fresh paintwork, as well as old branding being covered or removed, and the inclusion of illuminated elements – such as cabochon lighting around entrance doors – where possible.

Designing our Mecca Bingo signage

We know that presenting a range of options for our clients to consider will add an element of fun to the process, and also highlight signage features that they mightn’t have considered. For Mecca, we invested in developing a range of sign samples for their estates team to browse prior to manufacture, helping them make the right choice to achieve the best impact possible with their new branding.

Mecca bingo illuminated pylon signage

The team opted for both face illuminated and halo effect logo roundels, which resulted in vibrant and punchy external signs across all five different Mecca brand colours. Together with the rest of the work we’d done on each building, it was clear to see a huge improvement in the overall appearance of each site, serving to enhance the customer experience across the Mecca estate.

One of the most challenging aspects of this project for the A-team was the weather due to the time of year; November and early December installations often mean working in damp, dim conditions. With much of the proposed changes being to external décor as well as implementing new external retail signage, the lighting and rainfall caused a few slight delays to the work schedule, but thanks to a carefully considered plan of action we were still able to meet our client’s deadlines.

Mecca Bingo entrance Halo Signage

As a result of our success, we’ll be partnering with Mecca Bingo on more of their sites to achieve a fresher, updated look. Working with this client continues to be a colourful experience, challenges and all!